About That Sound That Day

About That Sound That Day


We are a couple who love music, design and invention. My name is Jom, I am a landscape architect and designer who love music. My husband, Max, is a musician, sound engineer and web developer.

Our life is connected through music in many ways from the first day we met, and in many other life events we have. To us, music is like a vehicle that let us time travel back to the old days. Music is one of the special ways to celebrate the moment of the lifetime.

How about we replay that sound again so we can remind us of those good days?

Sometimes, They can be the sound of our words, and sometimes they can be the song we played together. That sound, from that day, they are so valuable that we want to frame it on our wall! We started to asking ourselves a question. How can we visualize those good days with those sound?

We came up with an idea bringing together the sound and visual to record and honor that moment. To capture our memories into the unique art form, We created That Sound That Day. We hope you enjoy this artistic way to treasure your special memory like we do.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@thatsoundthatday.com