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Listen to these 14 songs with your lover this valentine’s day


Valentine’s day is approaching and you cannot wait to spend time with your lover. Boost up your romance on this valentine’s day with your lover by adding the beautiful sound of love songs to the room. This sweet ambiance might help to enhance the taste of wine, or kisses to be even sweeter.

Try listening to these 14 love songs and don’t forget to look for the meaning in their lyrics. They might align with your situation like a split image.

Just the way you are - Bruno Mars

Situation: When you don’t want to say a lot of “love” words, but care to show how you adore your special one so much.


Perfect - Ed Sheeran

Situation: When you want to say she is perfect and how much you feel thankful to have her in your life.



Wow...too sweet? Take it a little more thug style lover, then.




The light - The Common

Is there any better way than to compliment him/her and express your support that you’ll always be by their side? Both of you are strong and stay with each other.





Lucky - Jason Mraz feat Colbie Coliat

Is your date your best buddy ever? Then, now is the time to tell him/her how lucky you are to have him/her by your side.


Arms - Christina Perri

It’s not that easy to find someone to make you feel “home”. This song can be a simple way to whisper your gratitude to your lover.


Over and Over again - Nathan Sykes

Just the promise that you will stay with him/her side.


I knew I loved you - Savage Garden

Not just that he/she is your best friend, but you know right away that you have been waiting for a someone like him/her. 


I’m yours - Jason Mraz

Express how you are so happy to have him/her and cannot wait to spend more time with him/her.


Time to get the good mood going...




Your body is wonderland - John Mayer

Spend your relaxing afternoon, lounging and listening to music. Get the happy mood going with this song.



Love of my life - Erykah Badu

 Tell him/her what they are to you. He/She is the love of your life!




Mirrors - Justin Timberlake

If both of you have been struggling for a while but still hold on to each other, celebrate the moment. It might be the strengths of your love. You are like the mirrors reflecting each other.


Be without you - Mary J. Blige

Just tell how much you believe in your love and he/she is the one that you cannot be without.




Sweet Child O’ Mine - Guns 'n Roses

Are you in love with a rock lady? Compliment her in a classic rock way that is never getting old.


More than words - Extreme

Want to be sweet, but cannot let your spirit of rock go away?

Try these classic love songs.




 It's time!

If you are still hesitating because you want to share them this song, but you are too shy to listen to it together?

Give him/her the headphone. It works too.

There are many ways to present your love. Try to share this angle with your lover to make your Valentine’s day celebration more special. Pick the perfect song for your special moment!

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