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Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas to Give Her This Year

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching you don’t want to find yourself in a dilemma on what to get her like it was the case last year. Well, no need to sweat the decision. This coming Valentine’s Day, celebrate your love for her in style and do your best make her feel special. Am not saying you get her something “sexy” or “expensive,” no; just a well thought, original gift she will not see coming but, sincerely appreciate because it came from the depth of your heart. The following are interesting out-of-the-box ideas for the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

A Sound Wave Art

Women like things that have been carefully thought out and presented in an ingenious way as presents. Freezing those precious moments you have shared with her into a musical art will be one way to do this. You can design an 18 by 24-inch wall art that captures those intimate moments shared between the two of you. Imagine that infectious laughter she lets out when you are cracking her up, or that screeching yelp she makes whenever you play a practical joke on her. Now visualize all this on a poster that has been delicately framed and pinned nicely on the wall, just for her. It doesn’t get any better than this.


Design Yours Now!


A Photo Calendar


 Take some pictures from your memory stick that capture random moments showing different aspects you adore about her and creatively arrange them into an out of the ordinary photo calendar. It can be welfare activities she has done-feeding the homeless, the grind and determination in her face as she tries to complete the annual half-marathon race or even the time she wakes up early to get your kid ready for the morning school bus. You don’t need professional photos, just get similar instances that have been captured on camera and make this precious document. You can even go further to customize the calendar by posting these photos online before ordering a print.



Gift Cards and Certificates

Make her a gift card with a special message that could be inspired by a memorable anniversary from your relationship; like the day you first met or the first date you took her on. Using your design skills, you can also come up with a “take a day for you” certificate designed on the computer (or handwriting). Explain to her that this certificate can be redeemed on any convenient day she chooses to do anything she pleases.


Organize a romantic tour

Take her on a romantic trip to locations she holds dear that you know will bring her nostalgic memories. It could be in the country, in the city or at the beachside. It doesn’t have to be a far off place, just a change of environment. A simple tour with just the two of you talking and reminiscing the valuable instances in your relationship could be just what she needs for the ultimate Valentine’s Day present. Ladies like it when you dedicate time and lend a listening ear to what they have to say.


Write her a Poem

Take some time to learn a bit of any foreign language you, write her a love poem and frame it intricately as a gift. Recite this poem to her on that special day as you explain what each verse means in English. Try to work on your accent if need be; it doesn’t hurt to go out of your way to do something special for the love of your life. Many foreign languages sound “romantic”-most people will choose French or Spanish, even Thai. Whatever you select, the effort you put into learning that bit of the language is what will matter the most. Don’t struggle to perfect on it, just be genuine in doing it.



Valentine’s is a special anniversary for loved ones that only comes once in a year. It is compelling that you dig deep into your bag of tricks and think of a gesture that will genuine and stylish in symbolizing your undying love for her. The above tips are simple yet modern in achieving the same. All you need to do is play it right and wait for the perfect opportunity to surprise her. HAPPY VALENTINE'S!

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